CB 100 : 1st touch

22 Desember 2009

Last Friday, I find the workshop that is at least aware of the simple machines and also Honda CB100 parts.

Lucky,Lucky, the shop I was looking for is just 3 miles from my house. Yeah, at least I do not have to get out of town to find the workshop that was absolutely perfect, to avoid regular visits to supervise the repair work on my CB100.
Soon after, the body with a capacity of 99cc engine that can finally be opened. And here’s the situation …
What is this?
What else do this?
What’s this?
Because I do not know much about engines, it seems I have to pretend a little self-righteous when negotiating the replacement of spare parts, in order to get the best quality and good price too.
In short, for the moment the funds are spent to improve the overall machine follows-up bore up to 200 cc is Rp 5,250,000, —
For the other functional parts are still in the imagination.
But the inspiration of this CB modification is …
Hehehehe …. This will makes sense …

Please share your opinion, Bro …


2 Responses to “CB 100 : 1st touch”

  1. Taufik Says:

    bratstyle is owesome !! 🙂
    welcome to the wp bro

    • 9nano9 Says:

      yup, keren n cowok banget…
      tapi spatbor blakang trlalu kecil. kalo buat di jakarta-depok ya mau gak mau harus dipanjangin dikit kl dmodif kayak gitu. kalo nggak ya tau sendiri… nyiprat. hehehehe

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