KeithThompson's 50 Robots to Draw & Paint

7 Desember 2009

Walking around the gramedia Depok bookstore, accidentally glance at the book entitled “50 robots to draw and paint“. Desire and curiosity in the field of 2D art hit me. “hmm … this seems to import books, because the entire text page is displayed with the English language”. Without hesitation, I bought it immediately. After being paid, I opened the plastic seal of the book. And it turned out, really amazing (to me). Keith Thompson’s book is truly impressive. Until now, these people are still mysterious. Even in its website, he has openly distributing his creation to be an inspiration for art lovers drawing & painting. And it turned out, Keith has been involved as an illustrator in the world of entertainment stories, television, and video games. Very inspiring, helpful and always motivated to be creative in improving and pour in the field of 2D imagination. Do not want to say much, I’d better share my experience reading to your readers. Please download here.

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