The Fighting Spirit of Japan

4 Desember 2009

When thinking of Japan, most of us agree that Japan attached to the culture of hard work. Including Concept’s Creative team. Then the question arises: what kind of design illustration that reflect Japanese hard work culture, because the creative team intended to make their own Concept’s design concept. But fate would seem different. Accidentally, Concept team “met” with one of the contemporary Japanese artist, Hisashi Tenmyouya. One of his work entitled “Archery”, made in 2008, enough to steal the show. In addition to the striking color, personal character in the painting is just click with the concept sought by Concept.
Short story, Concept contacted to ask permission from Tenmyouya to display this work as a Concept cover material. Without hesitation, Tenmyouya agree. Not too long after Concept obtained high resolution material from this ex-graphic designer, plus a brief description of the work which he said is the most special work for him.
Tenmyouya explain this one work to adapt the early days of a man who was about to release an arrow at the enemy. The human spirit and human children mind who have been tireless that radiated through aura of the characters represented by a dragon. This ex Graphic designer painter added that his creation expression of that characters look like a vertical sculpture of a holy priest named Kuya. The statue was reciting a series of marmur from his mouth. According Tenmyouya, describes the invisible subject like the word and the aura is a very Japanese elements.
In the process, he spent up to 20 days to complete this work with 13 hours of work per day. As a result, his hands were stiff with pain that needs to be compressed. Though he never experienced anything like this before. So, certainly not an overstatement if Concept choose to fill the Concept’s cover archive, because this work was produced from the hard work of a Japanese artist. Ganbatte!!!

source: CONCEPT magz-vol06-ed32-2009


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