CB 100 : 5th touch

8 April 2010

Rasanya lega sekali… setelah berminggu-minggu penuh aktivitas, akhirnya aku punya kesempatan untuk bernapas dan bersantai ria. Kuhabiskan waktu akhir pekanku saat hari libur 2 April kemarin untuk meneruskan proses si CB. Baca entri selengkapnya »


CB 100 : 4th touch

23 Februari 2010

After a week full of activities and work, I took myself to greet the CB.
Before I parked my vehicle, I can already see the glint of light reflected from that motorcycle body. Without hesitation, I walked and admired it.

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CB 100 : 3rd touch

12 Februari 2010

After unwind with a sufficient rest at home, in the daytime I was curious about the process of reincarnation of the CB100.
I visited the workshop and found that:
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CB 100 : 2nd touch

19 Januari 2010

Last Sunday, I visited the workshop where CB100 bike is being treated. Baca entri selengkapnya »

CB 100 : 1st touch

22 Desember 2009

Last Friday, I find the workshop that is at least aware of the simple machines and also Honda CB100 parts.

Lucky,Lucky, the shop I was looking for is just 3 miles from my house. Yeah, at least I do not have to get out of town to find the workshop that was absolutely perfect, to avoid regular visits to supervise the repair work on my CB100.
Soon after, the body with a capacity of 99cc engine that can finally be opened. And here’s the situation …
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Brothers and sisters …
Yesterday, I got a motorcycle that is not used anymore by my uncle since 3 years ago. The bike was the Honda CB 100.
Rather than continue to be a playground for the my uncle’s ducks, I better fix it back so that qualifies as a real motorcycle.

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A vehicle that previews tomorrow’s driving pleasure using today’s technology, blends ground-breaking efficiency with trademark BMW performance and shows just how captivating sustainable motoring can be. Baca entri selengkapnya »